Velux Window Prices: Replacement and Installation Costs for 2023

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Are you thinking about having a Velux window installed on your roof? Were you aware there are different types of roof windows to choose from, and the word Velux window is just a brand name? It’s true. You don’t have to limit yourself to the Velux window brand.

There is more than one skylight window manufacturer to choose from. You’ll often find that roof window prices are much more competitive from lesser known brands. This guide will only be focussing on Velux window prices.

So you may be asking yourself, how much does it cost to install a Velux window? Well, first of all, you need to understand that there is a lot more to a Velux installation than making a hole in your roof and plonking the window in its place.

The roof will need to be waterproof and weathertight throughout the installation. Only a skilled tradesman should carry out a roof window installation. The average Velux window installation cost between £800 and £1800.

Velux Window Prices
Velux Window Installation

Do you need roof windows for a loft conversion or an extension on your home? Having skylights fitted on your roof is the perfect solution for allowing natural light to flood into the room. In the event of a fire, you'll need a way to escape. Velux windows provide an excellent escape hatch through the roof.

You need to keep in mind that fitting a skylight is not your average DIY job. The cost of having a Velux installation doesn't come cheap, but it has to be fitted properly. A poor roof window installation is likely to cause roof leaks. It is in your best interest to hire a skilled Velux installer who will do the job right the first time.

Before going ahead with a roof window installation, you have to make sure the window's angle matches the roof's pitch, so it's in line with the tiles. The loft will get some much-needed natural light as well as providing a means of escape. The benefits of having a Velux window in a loft or extension far outweigh the costs.

How Much Do Velux Windows Cost?

Velux window installation costs vary depending on location, size, and style. The table below breaks down average Velux window prices. The table includes all of the costs involved. Velux window prices are pretty much the same throughout the country. The cost of labour can fluctuate depending on where you live. You should expect to pay an extra 10% to 20% more for labour if you live in London or the South East.

Velux Window Prices & Sizes

Your roof window installer will need access to the roof, so you might need to hire scaffolding. The majority of skylight window installers have their own access towers. But if your property is higher than their access tower, they would need to hire scaffolding. Once you are ready to get some quotes for a Velux window installation, you can ask them if they need scaffolding.

Velux Window Replacement Codes

If you need a Velux window replacement for any reason, there's a small plate on your existing window. The plate contains the exact specifications of your window. Having a plate with the code numbers for your window makes it easier to replace the window or a specific part. You cannot see the plate if the window is closed. You have to open the sash first, and the plate will become visible.

This plate contains all the information the manufacturer needs to replace the entire window or specific parts.

Skylight Installation Cost

1. The first 3 numbers let you know what “Type” of window it is. If you want to buy a different style of window, you can change the “Type” of window but not the “Size.” If you're going to change the window's size, you would have to change the side of the opening.

2. This part of the label contains information about the window size. If you wanted to change the window's size, you would have to alter the measurements of the opening. The window has to fit perfectly inside the opening.

3. This part of the label gives you the “Variant” code number. The code number refers to the windows type of opening, glazing, and finish. The size remains the same, but you can alter everything else.

4. This is the Velux window manufacturer's production code.

Different Types of Window Installation

There are only two different types of installation for Velux windows. 

· The recessed installation means the window has to be fitted 40 mm below the roof tiles' height.

· The standard installation allows the window's surface to be in line with the tiles on the roof.

Velux recommends the recessed type of installation because it allows the window to achieve its optimal performance. Both types of installation are suitable. From the manufacturer's point of view, the recessed version is the best.

What are the Benefits of having Velux Windows?

If you have read the article thus far, you may have come to the conclusion that you can customise Velux windows to your liking. You are free to choose the exact style you want. The manufacturer will help you to create a customised variation of any one of their standard windows such as:

· Extra security features, such as burglar resistant roof windows. The enhanced security features include upgraded locking mechanisms, toughened, laminated glass, and a reinforced construction.

· Balcony, roof terrace, or standard roof windows.

· Fire safety roof windows with smoke sensors that trigger the window to open if smoke is detected.

· Manual or solar powered; electric opening controls.

· Top Hung or centre window sashes.

· Reduce external noise by up to 50% with super sound insulation.

· Passive house roof windows are available from Velux. Velux’s roof windows offer superb heat efficiency due to their triple glazed units. Another benefit of Velux passive house certified windows is they are powered by solar energy. Opening the windows, blinds, and shutters are just so much easier!

Velux Window Replacement
enjoying the view from a roof window

Velux Components & Finishing’s

Velux supplies all of the fittings and components inside the box for a successful window installation. The only things you need to provide is labour and tools. Each window installation kit contains the following: 

· Insulation frame. This frame sits perfectly between the roof timbers and the window.

· Lining frame kit. This is an adjustable steel frame that fits onto the timber lining. 

· Underfelt Collar. Underfelt is fitted between the window, and the roofing felt to provide a tight seal.

· Velux flashings. The flashings are fitted around the exterior of the window to make sure it is watertight.

· Gutter for water drainage. The small piece of guttering fits across the top of the window. The gutter channels rainwater away from the glass. 

· Vapour barrier collar. The collar creates an airtight and watertight seal to prevent condensation from forming in the roof.

· Interior lining. These linings are used to keep everything airtight inside.

Choice of Glazing

A window is not a window if it does not have glass. Velux offers a wide range of different types of glass for its roof windows. You can choose from toughened glass, noise reduction glass, or glass that can provide extreme weather protection. 

· Noise reduction glass for Velux windows minimises exterior noise from places such as an airport or a motorway. It is a triple glazed unit, and it is made up of three layers of glass. It has a UV value of 0.81 W/m2K, and the exterior of the glass has a special coating, which prevents condensation.

· Standard plus has a laminated inner pane and has a UV value of 1.1 W/m2K. It has increased acoustic and thermal protection due to its triple glazed unit.

· Extra low energy glass has a special coating to repel rainwater. This glass unit is triple glazed and has a UV value of 1.0 W/m2K. 

· The safety glass is a roof window unit made of toughened glass. It has a heat loss efficiency U-value of 1.3 W/m2K. 

Fitting a Velux Window 

All Velux windows are supplied with an easy to follow instruction guide on how to install a Velux window. However, a Velux window installation isn't suitable for an amateur. Fitting a skylight requires knowledge and experience. A roof window installation requires a tradesman to make cuts into the roof's structure. Whoever's doing the work will have to be knowledgeable about UK building regulations. Planning permission constraints will also have to be followed. The building control regulations state that roof windows have to be compliant with their regulations. You'll be pleased to know that Velux windows are building control compliant. As long as you hire a professional to install the window, you will have nothing to worry about. 

Get in Touch with Your Local Authority.

Once you know where you want to install the skylight on your roof, contact your local authority and ask them if they have any objections. You must become familiar with the building regulations. The officer from building control will want to inspect your property to make sure you are following the rules.

Making a Hole in a Roof for a Skylight

The first step to making a hole in a roof to fit a skylight is to choose where you want it to go. Next, remove enough roof tiles to create a hole big enough to install a frame. Don’t worry if you have a slate roof because it is the same procedure. The only difference in fitting a roof window in a slate roof is that you might break more slates than you would tiles. Removal involves lifting the tiles, cutting through the battens, and cutting through the roofing felt. You don’t have to do this job outside; it can be done from the inside of the roof space. Once the tiles and felt are removed, the next step is to make the opening by cutting through the rafters. Before you make any cuts into the rafters, you will want to make sure the roof isn’t going to collapse. Use strengthening timbers to support the roof and the frame for the roof window. 

The next step is to fit the Velux window frame into the opening that you have made on the roof. Use the fixing brackets that came with the window to fix the frame in place. Once the frame is fixed securely, the next step is to install the flashing around the Velux window. It’s important to make sure the flashing around the roof window is watertight to prevent roof leaks. You will have to cut the flashing to the correct size. Once you have installed the flashing, you can fit the sash into the frame but make sure it’s watertight. Keep in mind that these instructions for installing a Velux window are only generic. The instructions provided by the manufacturer may vary.

Cost of Velux Windows

Velux Window Cost FAQ

Q. What is the lifespan of a Velux window? 

If the window was installed by a professional, Velux guarantees the window should last for at least ten years. The ten year guarantee only applies to the actual window, not accessories such as blinds and shutters. The guarantee for Velux window electrical accessories is only three years. If it's any comfort to you, there are plenty of Velux windows that were installed over three decades ago that are still in use to this day. Most owners who replace old Velux windows only do so to get a new updated model. Time has shown that Velux roof windows last much longer than the ten year guarantee.

Q. Are there any Good Alternatives to Velux?

As mentioned earlier, Velux is only a brand name. There are plenty of other roof window manufacturers available. You'll find that a lot of the lesser-known brands don't charge as much as Velux. Make sure you weigh up the pros and cons before you buy a Velux window. Velux has an excellent customer support and sells a great product. Just be aware that Velux window prices might not fit into your budget. It has been said that the company has repaired windows free of charge long after the guarantee has expired. That's something to keep in mind.

Q. How do You Clean a Velux Window? 

Velux window cleaning is easy. Get yourself a nonabrasive sponge or a lint free cloth, dab it in water and use it to clean the frame. To clean the glass, you will need to buy a window cleaning squeegee.

If you want to keep the hinges lubricated and touch up the paint, you can buy a Velux window maintenance kit. The maintenance kit costs around £30, and you buy it directly from Velux.

Q. Do You need Planning Permission for a Velux Window? 

You should only need planning permission if you are going to alter the height or change the roof's profile. Conservation areas and listed buildings may have more restraints. If you are making cuts through the roof's structure, you will be altering its strength. Make sure you are compliant with the building regulations. The building regulations covers the structural integrity of the roof. The building regulations also cover access and fire exits, energy conservation, and ventilation.

Here are some other companies that manufacture skylights

· Rooflite

· Optilight

· Keystone Group

· Fakro

· Keylite Roof Windows

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If you have a loft or extension without roof windows, it will always be dark and gloomy. You need to get rid of those dark corners by flooding the room with natural light. The easiest way to do this is by installing a skylight in your loft or extension. If you have no idea how much it will cost to have a skylight fitted in the roof, you might want to get a few quotes first. Click here to get a free no obligation quote from a professional window installer in your area.

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