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Fascias, soffits, and gutters are an essential part of the roofline. Fascia boards and soffits help to protect your home from the rain. If your home never had them, rainwater would find its way into your home. If you wonder how much do fascias and soffits cost, then you're in the right place.

Although most modern homes have fascias and soffits fitted, many older homes do not. Installing soffits and fascias on an older property will prevent moisture from gathering on the ceilings and walls.

UPVC fascias and soffits have only been in use for the past 20 years or so. Traditionally, fascias and soffits were made of wood. The problems with wooden fascia boards and soffits appear years later after exposure to the elements. Once traditional wood soffits and fascia board begin to warp and split, it's time to have them replaced. This article will help you get familiar with UPVC fascias and soffits prices in the UK.

fascias and soffits cost

What are Fascias?

The purpose of fascia boards is to protect your property from the elements. Fascia boards are held in place by fixing them to the edges of the rafters. Fascia boards add more curb appeal to your home as well as serving a functional purpose.

What are Soffits?

The purpose of soffits is to cover the gap between the house and the fascia board. Soffits protect your roof rafters from exposure to the elements. Traditional soffits are made from wood and are prone to warping and splitting. Modern soffits are made from uPVC and are not prone to weather damage. Only a small percentage of homeowners still use wooden soffits. Many homeowners like to maintain the traditional look and feel of the property.

Fitting air vents into soffits is an excellent way to increase airflow into the roof area. Having good airflow in the roof space will minimise the chances of condensation. Another option to increase the amount of ventilation in the roof space is to fit over fascia vents. Soffit board replacement is relatively straightforward, but the job requires knowledge and experience.

Why Replace Fascias and Soffits?

Most people replace fascias and soffits when their existing ones are rotten. There's no other reason why you would need to replace soffits and fascias. 

If you have had a door-to-door salesperson knock on your door and tell you that you need your fascias and soffits replacing be on your guard. For years, door knockers have been telling people they need to replace their fascias. Rogue traders have been using this scam for years. 

Unfortunately, fascia boards are prone to weather related deterioration. If you suspect your home has rotting fascia boards, you can make your home look good again by choosing one of the following options:

· The cheapest option is to use cladding over the existing fascia boards. However, if the current fascia boards are rotten, they won't hold the cladding. Or, you could have new timber fascia boards fitted on your home and cover over them with cladding. Covering over wood fascia boards protects them from the weather.

· The next option is to replace rotten fascias with new timber fascias. Timber fascia boards are a favourite among homeowners who want to keep their property's traditional look and feel. Keep in mind that timber facia boards need regular maintenance to protect them from weather damage.

· The final option is to replace wooden fascias with uPVC fascias. Replacing timber with uPVC will save you money over time, and they need less maintenance. 

What is the Average Cost of Installing Fascias and Soffits?

The average cost to install new fascia boards and soffits is £2000. Keep in mind that every job is different, and there are various factors to take into account. Any professional tradesperson will want to look at your property and measure up before giving you a quote.

Here are some other factors that will affect the cost of soffit and fascia replacement

Whenever you get a quote from a tradesperson, you need to know what work will be included in the price. Apart from the cost of new materials to do the job, there may be other costs involved, such as: 

Scaffold hire

The amount of scaffolding you would need to reach the fascias on an average 2 storey, 3 bed semi-detached house would cost about £700 to hire. The cost of scaffolding hire includes the erection and dismantling of the scaffolding. This scaffold hire estimate is only an estimate. It does not take into account any issues with access that may need more scaffolding.

Removing and Disposing of old Materials

Most tradespeople will include the cost of waste disposal within the quote. The removal and disposal of guttering and fascia replacement cost approximately £50. If your roof has any missing slate or damaged tiles, you may need a roof repair, which will increase the costs.

Size of the Property

The size of your property is the first thing tradespeople take into account when putting together an estimate.

If your property isn't too big, one tradesperson can carry out the job without scaffolding.

The cost of replacing fascia and soffits on a small house varies between £1200 and £1500. Costs begin to rise when the job requires scaffolding and more personnel.

soffits and fascias cost

The type of Soffits and Fascia to be used

Different materials are used to make soffit and fascia board. The type of fascia board and soffit you choose will affect the price and durability. The different types of fascia board are as follows:


PVC fascia boards are long-lasting and need very little maintenance. New uPVC fascias and soffits cost approximately £100 per square metre.


Replacing rotten wooden fascia boards with new timber boards is a straightforward job. But, fascia boards made from timber will not last anywhere near as long as PVC. The lifespan of wood fascia boards is usually between 20 – 30 years if they are well maintained. It is not uncommon for some timber fascia boards to need replacing after 5 – 10 years.


The cheapest way to revive your fascia boards is to use cladding on top of your existing fascia boards. Cladding over your existing fascia boards is only possible if your current boards are in good condition. If the existing fascia board is rotten or damaged, it would be impossible to fix the cladding onto them.


The breakdown of costs in this article is based on UK averages. It's always worth keeping in mind that London's soffits and fascia replacement costs are usually 10% – 20% higher.

Soffit Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing soffits depends on the length of your property. The average soffit replacement cost is £100 per square metre. A cheaper alternative for soffit replacement is called capping. Capping is covering over your existing timber soffits with PVC cladding.

Fascia Board Replacement Cost

The average cost to replace fascia boards is £100 per square metre. Including the cost of labour and waste disposal, the total cost is likely to be around £2000. Bear in mind this is only an estimate, and the true cost will depend on the size of your home.

Guttering and Fascia Replacement Cost

There is little point in getting new fascias and soffits and keeping the old gutters. It would make more sense to replace the gutters at the same time, which will save you money in the future. If you are considering a gutter replacement, be sure to mention it when you're getting quotes. Most tradespeople charge roughly £30 per metre to install new guttering.

rotten timber soffit and fascias replacement cost

How Much Does Repairing Soffits & Fascias Cost?

If you are wondering how much do repairs for fascias and soffits cost, then look no further. Whether you need to repair a rotted soffit or seal gaps in the fascias, this guide will give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for repairs.

Sealing Fascia Gaps in Roof

The first step to sealing gaps in fascia boards is to remove any old rotted material. Replace rotted timber fascia boards with new ones. Once the new fascia boards are fitted, the following step is to caulk the joints.

The time it takes to replace four fascia boards is usually between 2 to 4 hours. The average fascia board replacement cost varies between £70 and £300. The price varies so much because of your location, type of fascia material used, and the amount of time it takes to complete the job.

Repairing Rotted Soffits & Fascias

It is best to replace rotted soffits rather than trying to have them repaired. Attempting to repair a rotted soffit makes no sense. No matter what you try to use to repair a rotted soffit, the timber has still rotted. Replacing rotted soffits with new ones is the only real solution. The job involves removing the fascia boards, removing the old soffits, fitting new rafters, and installing the new timber soffit.

Once the new soffits are in place, the next step is to reattach the fascia boards. But, if the fascias got damaged during the removal process, they will have to be replaced with new ones. A rotted soffit replacement cost anywhere between £80 and £150, and it takes about 3 to 4 hours to complete the job. 

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Soffits & Fascias?

Fascias and Soffits Cost

If you have had a soffit and fascia repair in the past, then it may not be worth your while trying to repair them again. There comes a time when the best solution is to replace the old with the new. The estimated cost of having old fascias and soffits removed is around £225. The price includes labour and waste disposal. You could reduce the costs if you wanted to dispose of the waste yourself.

Fascias and Soffits Cost Faq

When is the Best Time to Replace Fascias and Soffits?

A good time to replace and fascias and soffits on your home is when you see any of the following tell-tale signs:

· Birds, insects, or rodents in the roof space. If you have seen evidence of birds, insects, or rodents in your attic, they might be getting in through a small hole in the soffit.

· Damp, wet patches in the ceiling could be a sign of rainwater finding its way in through a hole in the fascia board.

· Flaky paint and cracks are a sign of old boards that need replacing. 

· If you notice cracks in the soffits, you may have asbestos soffits. Cracking soffits is a typical warning sign of soffits made of asbestos. You need to hire an asbestos specialist to remove asbestos gutters.

· Rotten timber fascia boards feel soft and spongy. 

Can I put new Soffits Over the Old Ones? 

The short answer is yes, as long as you aren't covering over rotten wood. If the wood is rotten, it would be near impossible to fix the new soffit to the old rotten wood.

How do Soffits get Damaged?

The main culprits for causing the most damage to soffits are the sun and the rain. The combination of getting wet one minute and dry the next causes the paint to flake and the wood beneath to crack. UPVC soffits and fascias are not exempt from the effects of the weather. The warm and cold weather causes the soffits and fascias to expand and contract. Although UPVC fascias and soffits cost more than timber, they have a much longer lifespan.

How Long do Wooden Fascias Last? 

The average lifespan of wooden fascias is usually between 20 – 30 years if they have been maintained. The type of timber used and the quality of the original installation will affect how long they last. If wooden fascia boards are not maintained, they could need replacing in as little as 5 to 10 years.

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