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The gutter replacement costs in this article are correct as of 2023

If your gutters are damaged, leaking, or overflowing, it can cause tremendous damage to your property. Overflowing or leaking gutters is one of the biggest causes of penetrating damp. High winds during bad weather is the usual culprit for gutter damage.

If you suspect your gutters are in poor condition, you mustn't put off this problem any longer. It will cost you a lot more money to rid your house of damp than to replace your guttering.

Cost of new gutters
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Common Problems with Guttering

If you have any of the following problems with your gutters, it's time to have them replaced.

· Gutter sections missing

· Poorly installed gutters not doing their job properly

· Gutters leaning away from the house or sagging

· Sections of gutter leaking or have holes

If your gutters have any of the problems above, address it sooner rather than later. For example, when it rains, you may notice a damp patch on your wall. Damp patches can appear when rainwater has penetrated the bricks.

The longer gutters are left to continue to leak or overflow, the more damage it will cause your property. The cost of replacing guttering sooner rather than later will cost you a lot less money. If you continue to leave the gutters as they are, it will only cost you more money in the long run.

How much to replace guttering

How Much Does Gutter Replacement Cost?

The cost of replacing guttering will depend on the type of guttering you choose and your home's size. A gutter replacement has other hidden costs. Hiring scaffolding and removing and disposing of the old gutters are costs you might not have thought about. If your old gutters are made of asbestos, you should expect to pay a more to have them removed. Only a trained professional should remove and dispose of asbestos guttering. If you suspect your gutters contain asbestos, be sure to mention it when obtaining quotes.

To help you get an idea of the costs involved, I will break down the cost of replacing the guttering on a terraced house.

The cost of replacing the gutters on a terraced house 5 m in length and two stories high would be about £550. The cost of materials would be approximately £200. The cost to remove waste would be approximately £50. Labour costs would be the most expensive out of the entire job, coming in at around £250+. It should take no longer the one day to replace the gutters on a terraced house.

Further detailed costs 

Here are the most common good jobs, along with average prices. If you would like to know the costs in more detail, please look at the table below.

Gutter JobCostDurationTotal Estimated Cost 
Replacing gutter joint (1 per 4m length) £50 - £13025 mins£100
New leaf guard cost to fit (2m length) £15 per length 1 hour per length£75
Replacing a cast iron gutter£60 per metre Approx 2 days£600
New stop end £15 per item 30 mins each£60
Replacing PVC gutter (4m length) £35 per metre 1 day £350 
Replacing gutter support bracket (1 per 800mm) £15 per item 50 mins£180 
Cleaning out gutters£5 per metre 3 hours£50
Rejoining gutter to a downpipe £50 to £130 45 mins£50

Although ladders can be used to replace gutters, they can’t access the roof on all types of properties. Some jobs need the use of scaffolding, which will add further costs to the job. If scaffolding is required, it might be a good idea to have any minor roof repairs taking care of while the scaffolding is in place. Another suggestion would be to repaint or replace the fascia boards if needed. Any extra jobs that can be taken care of while you are paying for scaffolding will save you money in the future.

Always keep in mind that the cost of replacing gutters will vary depending on what part of the country you live in. Gutter replacement costs in London can be up to 20% higher than the rest of the country.

Example Gutter Replacement Cost

2 bedroom terrace (26m)£50-£70£450-£570£640-£700£385-£485£480-£590£560-£680
3-bed semi (32m)£60-£80£560-£660£790-£900£490-£480£600-£700£690-£800
4-bed detached (46m)£85-£110£810-£910£1,100-£1,200£680-£780£860-£975£1,000-£1,100
Bungalow (28m)£50-£80£495-£600£690-£800£410-£530£510-£630£600-£700

Labour Costs and Time Scales

The amount of time it takes to replace gutters on a house will depend on the house's size and how many people are doing the work.

The hourly rate for a roofer to replace gutters is approximately £50 per hour. Roofers often pay labourers to help them with larger gutter replacement jobs. You should expect to pay about £35 per hour for a labourer.

· It takes approximately 2-4 hours to replace the gutters on a 2-bed terrace house

· it takes approximately 3-5 hours to replace the gutters on a 3-bed semi-detached

· it can take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours to replace the guttering on a 4 bed detached home

· the amount of time it takes to replace the guttering on a bungalow is approximately 3-5 hours

The majority of homeowners replacing their gutters use the plastic-type of guttering. Although you can buy guttering made from various materials, plastic is the cheapest. The time it takes to complete the job is usually the same regardless of what type of material is used.

Supply Costs

If you are wondering how much do new gutters cost without labour, the answer depends on the type of material you choose. If you chose plastic, it would cost a lot less than copper or cast-iron guttering.

Another factor that you need to consider is the type of guttering system you want to use. The most common type of guttering is called the half-round. You can also choose between Ogee & square-shaped guttering. Ogee gutters are much more aesthetically pleasing.

Although Ogee gutters do the same job as the half-round or square guttering, the stylish design adds curb appeal to the home.

Cast iron£18-£25£23-£28£26-£35

Additional Costs

Up to now, we have established the cost of new gutters, but we have to keep in mind that gutters are fixed to the fascia board. If your home's fascia boards are in poor condition, they may need replacing.

· The average cost to replace fascia boards is approximately £100 per metre. (price includes the cost of fascia board and installation)

· Rather than replacing the entire fascia board, you could have them capped. Capping is covering over the existing fascia board with UPVC. The average cost of capping facias is about £50 per metre.

The role of gutters on our homes is to channel rainwater away from our home. If you are replacing your gutters, you may need to buy some additional components.

Gutter realignment£20 - £25 per m²
Gutter support bracket£4 - £32 depending on the material
Rainwater harvesting system (1000l)Approximately £600 for complete kit
Water butt (100l)£30 - £50
Water butt (1000l)£400 - £500 (depending on material/installation)
Eaves protection£1 - £3 per m²
Gutter guard£1 - £2 per metre
Channel drain£7 - £8 per metre
Membranes£10 - £15 per m²
Soakaway (new installation)From £750
Soakaway (repair/replacement)From £500

Tips to Reduce Costs in the Future 

As you already know, your home needs regular maintenance, and your gutters are no different. If you notice a drip coming from your gutter and do nothing about it, the problem will only get worse. A problem that only seems minor can turn into a financial nightmare for you. Here are a few examples of how gutter problems can escalate.

· Gutters get full of debris such as mud, leaves, and soil.

· The weight of the gutters full of debris begin to sag or lean away from the house. At this point, rainwater begins to overflow, and the gutters are not doing their job properly.

· High winds and storms can easily rip these loose sections of gutter away from your home.

· Lack of maintenance and age can cause holes, leaks, and dripping gutter joints.

· If the gutters are in poor condition, there’s a good chance the downpipe will be too. High winds can cause the brackets holding the downpipe in place to become loose.

Don’t Neglect Your Gutters. Get them Fixed Now.

As explained above, regular gutter maintenance is important. If you want to avoid the cost of replacing guttering, you must clean out your gutters and have leaks repaired quickly. If a section of guttering is too severely damaged, have it replaced immediately. You can clean out your gutters or take care of repairs, but it is far safer to get a trained professional to do for you.

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