How to Get more Roofing Leads

Lead Generation

The toughest challenge for most roofing companies is getting new customers. If you want your roofing company to survive, you need a steady flow of exclusive roofing leads. Once you have a roofing lead generation system that works, the possibilities for growth are endless.

If you follow our methods for generating roofing leads, there's no reason why you can't develop your own lead generation system. You will need a lot of spare time to implement our methods, but it will pay off in the long run.

If you don't have time to build your own roof leads generation system, click on the button below to find out how we can help you.

What is a Roofing Lead?

Before we explain how to get more roofing leads, it's important to understand what a lead actually is. A roofing lead is not a sale. A lead is someone who might need a roof repair or roof replacement. The lead could be a phone call, email, or somebody contacting you through social media.

There is no guarantee that you will get a roofing job from a lead. However, the more roofing leads you get, the roofing jobs you will get. It's basic math.

Now we understand the definition of a lead, let's get on with how to get more leads for a roofing business.

Here are the Exact Methods we use to Generate Exclusive Roofing Leads for Roofing Companies.

1. Local Maps Seo

Local Seo is by far the best way to get high quality roofing leads for a roofing business. Hundreds (or thousands) of people every month are searching for roof repair in [your city]. If your business shows up in the local map pack or listings below, your phone will be on fire. Local Seo for roofers is the best way to get exclusive roofing leads for your business.

The majority of people searching for a local roofer on Google will scroll past the adverts at the top and go straight to the local map pack. People go straight to the map pack because they trust the organic results more than the paid adverts.

You can generate exclusive roofing leads from Google maps every time someone types in one of the following keywords:


Roofing companies near me

Roof repair [your city]

Roof replacement [your city]

Roofing Leads
Google maps will give you a lot of free roofing leads

If you want your business to show up in the local map pack, you have to create a Google business profile. It doesn't cost anything to create a Google business profile listing. However, if you want to start generating high quality leads for your roofing business, you have to enter all the necessary information.

Make sure you choose the right category for your business and add pictures, opening hours, business description, address and phone number. It is essential to enter all this information if you want Google to give you more roofing jobs.

Google Reviews

Once you have your Google business profile setup, you will need to ask your customers to leave a review. Google business reviews are essential to getting free roofing leads for your business. People searching online for a local roofer will go straight to the map pack and read reviews before calling your business number.

Potential customers want to make sure they are hiring a reputable roofing company before picking up the phone and asking for a quote. For this reason, it's essential that they can see you have an excellent reputation and you can be trusted.

Once you have done all of that, you can start writing content for your website. If you don't have a website, that's something else we can help you with. Our highly rated website designer will build you a one-of-a-kind, custom roofing website that will draw in potential customers.

Once all this work is done, you can sit back and relax and wait for Google to do its thing. Why buy roofing leads when you can get them for free?

2. Content Marketing & Organic Seo for Roofing Businesses

Approximately 44% of phone calls will come from the Google map pack. Underneath the Google map pack, you have the organic search results. The organic search results could easily bring you a further 10 – 20 exclusive roofing leads per month. If you want to know how to get more roofing leads concentrate on Google maps and organic SEO. Optimising a website to show up locally will give you the best ROI by far.

If you want to get your website below the map pack, you will have to write plenty of articles and build backlinks to the articles. You will need to write an article for each roofing service that you offer. You will also need to write an article for each town or city you work in. 

Each article should be at least 700 words and target a specific keyword. You have to make sure the content is unique; otherwise, it will not be shown on Google's search results. Google can easily detect copied content, so it's not worth even trying.

If you want to get more high quality roofing leads, you could write more helpful articles such as:

· why is my roof leaking

· 5 tips for choosing a roofer in [your city]

· how to protect your roof from storm damage

As you can imagine, writing all of these articles takes a lot of time and skill. It will pay off big time if you're willing to invest your time in writing and editing articles for your website. If the thought of writing this many articles will bore you to tears, we can do it for you.

Exclusive Roofing Leads

3. Pay Per Click for a Roofing Business (Google ads & Bing Ads)

If you've never heard of PPC Ads (pay per click), it's where you pay Google or Bing to pin your website at the very top of the search results. Whenever someone types in the keyword “roofer” into Google, your website will show up first, second or third. You have to pay Google every time somebody clicks on your website. Even if they don't call or email your business.

There are mixed opinions about using Google ads for roofing lead generation. Some people find it too expensive, while others have had great success. 

Here's some of the benefits of using PPC advertising to generate exclusive roofing leads:

· The top three ad spots take around 40% of the clicks for competitive keywords such as “roofer,” “roof repairs,” or “roof replacement.”

· You can expect to make £2 for every £1 you spend on Google Ads.

· Nearly 90% of clicks to your website generated by PPC Ads will not be replaced by organic clicks when the ads are paused. (Google)

get more roofing leads with Google Ads
Paid Advertising in Google's search results

Trying to get roofing leads with Google ads can be really expensive if you don't know what you are doing. There are a lot of local roofing companies competing for the same keywords. The more competition you have, the more it will cost per click.

A lot of roofing contractors attempt to do paid ads themselves and end up burning a lot of money with nothing to show in return. Problems arise when business owners don't invest enough time to learn the platform and figure out how to make a profit on their ad spend.

You can pay upwards of £30 per click for competitive roofing keywords if you don't know what you're doing. This is where knowledge and experience are critical and will save you a lot of money. We can confirm that if Google ads are set up properly, they can work like a charm.

We manage Google ads for roofing companies to make sure they get the maximum amount of clicks for their ad spend. If you would like some help with setting up and managing pay per click advertising for a roofing company, get in touch via our contact form, and we'll give you a call.

4. Facebook Advertising for a Roofing Company

The cost of buying roofing leads through Facebook advertising is a lot lower than Google ads. However, the leads are less targeted than Google. Hence, you need to be able to reach a wider audience to make up the difference.

Using Facebook to generate roof leads is like using a shotgun to shoot a duck. The shotgun sprays a lot of shot in a general direction, and hopefully, one of them will hit its target. Googles pay per click is more like a sniper rifle. One bullet is fired to hit its target.

You can use Google and Facebook ads to generate roofing leads. You just had to learn how each platform works and implement certain tactics and strategies to get the most out of them.

One of the best things about using Facebook ads to generate roofing leads is that once a visitor lands on your website, it places a tracking pixel on their computer or phone. If the website visitor chooses to leave without making an enquiry, the tracking pixel will follow them around on Facebook and keep showing them adverts for your company. A tracking pixel is a great way to convert potential leads into contacting your company.

How to Generate Roofing Leads Using Facebook ads & Google

One of the most popular methods of lead generation for roofing companies is to use SEO (search engine optimisation) or Google ads to attract people to your website. Once a visitor has landed on your website, a Facebook pixel is placed on their phone or computer. If the website visitor doesn't contact your company and heads over to Facebook, they will be followed everywhere they go by your Facebook ads. They will be constantly reminded about your roofing business until they call your business or find another roofer.

Setting up Facebook ads

If you want to use Facebook ads to get more leads, you will need to create a Facebook business page. Once you have created the business page, you will need to find your Facebook pixel inserted into the code on your website or landing page so you can retarget them. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to embed a Facebook pixel into your website or landing page.

5. Local Directories & Review Websites

Submitting your business details to local directories helps to create more exposure for your business and possibly generate more leads. Some people like to scroll through local directories and read reviews before they pick up the phone and call you to do a roofing job.

If you want your roofing company to thrive online, you must protect your online reputation as being the most trusted roofer in your city. It only takes one disgruntled customer to leave you a bad review on a local directory. It could cost you thousands in lost revenue.

Here are a few Local Directories to get your Business Listed on:

Yellow Pages


Thompson Local

Google business profile


Local Chamber of Commerce directory

Once you submit your business details to a local directory, expect a phone call from their sales team. A directory representative will confirm your business details and try and talk you into having a paid business listing.

If you want our opinion, stick with the free business listing. Just make sure you enter all the relevant information and get some great reviews.

It's certainly worth getting your roofing business listed on a free business directory, although they aren't as popular as Google or Facebook. Keep your expectations low, and if you get one or two free roofing leads per month, that's a bonus!

6. Flyers (door-to-door distribution)

Most people think flyers are dead. They couldn't be more wrong. The numbers show it's still very effective and just as potent, especially in the roofing industry. Some would argue delivering flyers for roofing leads is even better than digital marketing.

Homeowners used to hate flyers coming through their letterbox because they used to get so many of them. 80% of homeowners never even bothered to read them. They would throw them straight in the bin. That's all changed. 80% of businesses are focused on digital marketing, which means people don't get that many flyers through the door.

Now people pay more attention to flyers and actually read them instead of just throwing them in the bin (like they did years ago).

Door-to-door distribution keeps roofing work condensed

One of the best things about delivering flyers is that you can generate leads in specific areas. The more roof leads you can get in one specific area, the more condensed your roofing work will be. If you are managing multiple roofing projects, it's easier to travel from one project to another to keep an eye on things.

The most Effective types of flyers

The best flyers to generate leads are those with high quality pictures and a clear call to action. A professionally designed roofing flyer will grab most people's attention and encourage them to read the text and look at the images.

Some people will glance at the flyer and throw it in the bin. These are the people who don't need your roofing services. However, if a homeowner needs a roof repair or has been thinking about a roof replacement, they will most likely give you a call!

7. Email Marketing for the Roofing Industry

Every roofing company should use email marketing whenever a lead comes through the contact form on your website. If the lead doesn't turn into a paying customer right away, you should send a series of timed emails to nurture the lead until they become a paying customer.

The return on investment for email marketing is approximately £25 profit for every £1 spent. That's a very good profit margin.

One of the easiest ways to acquire a potential customer's email address is by giving something away for free. All they have to do is enter their email address, and they can download a free price guide, discount code, etc.

Email has been around for decades and it's not going away anytime soon.


If you've been wondering how to get more roofing leads, we hope you found this article helpful. There is a steep learning curve and financial cost to each lead generation strategy, but once you master them, the rewards can be phenomenal.

If you struggle to find the time to learn how to implement any of the strategies above, our seasoned marketing team can do it for you. If you would like us to build you an exclusive roofing lead generation system, pop your details into the contact form below, and we'll get in touch.

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