Here’s Everything You Need to Know to Find a Good Roofer

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Are you in need of a roof replacement or roof repair? Whatever your reason for needing a roofer, you'll want to avoid getting ripped off.

Make sure you read all of the 10 steps below to make sure you find a good one!

  • Get at least three quotes from three different roofing companies. Learn as much as you can from each person that comes to look at your roof. Ask them as many questions as you need. Listen to what each roofer recommends and use that information to help you make an informed decision.
  • Don't gravitate to the lowest quote. In most cases, experienced roofing companies usually offer quotes within 20% of one another. If you receive a quote much lower than the others, be on your guard. The last thing you want is for all kinds of hidden extras to be added once the job is complete. Take your time to compare what each roofing company is offering.
  • Make sure the company you are thinking about hiring is legitimate and fully insured. If the business is a limited company, you can search for them on companies house and find out all sorts of information about the company.
  • Do not make a decision without making sure you know the difference between an estimate and a quote. A roofer's estimate is a rough guess at how much the job will cost. A customer is given an estimate when some of the work that might need doing isn't visible and cannot be measured. A quote is a fixed price for all of the work to be done.
  • Ask each roofer about their payment options. Some roofers will ask for a percentage of the money upfront before they will start the job. Others will require that you pay the full amount within 30 days once the job is finished.
  • The manufacturer's warranty covers most materials used by roofers. Certain roof materials are designed to withstand the elements such as heavy snowfall, high winds, and saltwater exposure. It will be worth asking the roofer if the manufacturer's warranty covers the materials used on your roof and how long for?
  • Ask the roofer when the job will start and when it will end. Ask if they will clean up after themselves once the job is complete. If cleaning up after themselves isn't in the quote, it might be worth asking them to add it in and save yourself the hard work.
  • If you suspect you need a chimney repair, the best time to have it repaired is before a new roof installation. Ask the roofer any questions you might have about your chimney. If the chimney needs repairing, he will advise you to do the work before installing a new roof.
  • If your roof is leaking and a roofing company recommends replacing your roof listen to what the others have to say first. There are lots of dishonest roofers out there who try to make more work than necessary. Your roof may need several roof repairs to make it right without the expense of replacing the entire roof.
  • The most common reason roofs deteriorate is because of damaged flashing and poor ventilation. Ask the roofer what he intends to do about these two notorious roof deteriorating problems. If you see no mention of it in their estimate, don't be scared to ask.

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